If asteroid armageddon were to strike tomorrow- one last letter

Dear Div,
I love you.Having said that, I don't particularly remember why. Maybe I realised we were soul sisters when I was ten by some inexplicable cosmic force. Maybe the seat next to yours was the only one free. Either way, here we are! Ten years older,a tiny bit wiser and frighteningly closer- the kind of closeness that only a decade of shared stupidity can beget.
Remember, how I've always said my one wish in life is to live it so that I'd have no regrets when my time runs out? But boy, do I have regrets !
I regret all those weekend plans I backed away from because I didn't feel like it.
I regret not watching Pirates Of the Caribbean with you.
I regret the fact that I slept off during our last sleep-over.
But its not all gloom and doom. What are the chances of two people having exactly the same bad taste in music and liking the same corny 90's shows? What are the chances of these two people meeting and discovering this fact? For me, this will forever remain another incomprehensible mystery - next to black holes and recursive calls.
I know you are skeptical about aliens, but at this point you've got to give in ! If it's just us then this would be the end of intelligent life in the universe. A rather depressing thought, wouldn't you say? So I'm going to believe that somewhere in the unexplored crevices of the universe , little purple are looking at us and making sure that this fate never befalls them.Maybe they'll better luck figuring out those black holes.
You know what really ticks me off?It could have been a billion years before us or a billion years after,what is a few billion years in the endless stream of time? and it has to be now.Just enough time for us to understand what a blessed and beautiful planet we live in, but not enough time to explore its glorious grandeur.
Like the vistas seen from a moving train,alluring and striking, seen but for a moment.
Before I get too poetic on you, I just wanted to thank you for existing.Meet you at the pearly gate.
All my love,
Your BFF.

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