WordPress : Building custom archive pages with Elementary

If you have a WordPress website, you know how powerful they can be. WordPress is the most powerful and widely-used CMS around. Now, you can make WordPress even more powerful using Elementary WordPress Plugin.

About Elementary:

Elementary is a Visual Builder plugin which makes it extremely easy to build fully customised Archive pages, Masonry Layouts and Carousel modules. You can use it along-side any theme and any plugins.

How can you make with Elementary?

1. A fully customised paginated archive page.
2. A list of content cards.
3. Featured Posts of any post type. ( including custom post types )
4. Recent Posts of any post type. ( including custom post types. Dito all above and below )
5. Masonry with any post type.
6. Carousel sliders with any post type.
7. Single Banners from any post type.
8. Multi-Banners from any post type.
9. Custom Image Gallery with any post type.
10. And more to come.

Custom Post Type Carousel

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