Things to Know Before Starting a Website/Blog

                The number of websites/blogs registered each day is on the raise, about 100,000 domains are registered each day.Now how can you make your website stand out? This is a short tutorial of how you can be a successful Webmaster.Always remember these tips and refresh your memory ,so you won't be distracted by whatever you read online(you reading this online too,but you get my point!).But before that, don't miss this offer,seriously
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Some people read things like " MAKE A MILLION BUCKS" , "HOW TO BE A MILLIONAIRE SITTING IN YOUR HOME", "HOW I MADE $1 BILLION DOLLARS WITH WEBSITES" and stuff, they get excited and try the shortcut stuff and Fail miserably.Here i am not going to tell you how I make millions and I don't ,to be honest.but i am going tell you what the standard laws that work and which is legal.

Choose your Niche Well:

         Most people fall at the first step,to search the niche well. A niche in simple words is a category or a subtitle which forms the theme of your website/blog, say Mobile Gadgets,Homemade Chocolates,Consumer Electronics,Designer Clothing .... whatever.
Choose a niche you are familiar with .This is very important,don't see the popularity of the niche unless its very unpopular.People choose very popular Niches and go nowhere with it.And people bring a nothing Niche to great heights on their own

NOTE: Choose the NICHE you are good at

Plan how your website/blog looks:

         An engineer plans his building before he starts the actual construction.If you start your website just like that and after some time,you don't do well,you start changing and changing .Then it goes from bad to worse.Like a building undergoing changes, collapses if the foundation doesn't support the changes.So  plan properly and lay the right foundation.

Constructing the website:
                   If you are planning to program your own website,choose the right tools and softwares.Whether it should be Client-side or Server side.Whether you should have a simple look or fancy look.Now do the basic list of pages and stuff(will leave all that to you).Lets see the important stuff.

Hosting and Domain:

          This is another area where many are totally ignorant,hosting is when you get a space for the files in your web site and store it in a server where it is accessed by the visitors to your site.Choose your hosting plan very well based on how many visitors you will be having and how much space you will need.And DOMAINS are the Gold here.Good domains attract visitors and make your site popular.


Things to Look in a Domain:

1) The shorter the domain name-the better.
2) The more the domain name matches your Niche,the more your chances of getting Google showing your website/blog in its listing.
3)The more meaningful the domain name is, the easier for your visitors to remember.
4)Domains with older age are possibly more rated,older domains can be bought from its owners contacted through web forums,auctions,domain brokers (check out sedo . com , )If you think its worth the money,you can always go for a auctioned domain.

Writing in the Content:

This is perhaps the most important step in making your web venture successful.Write your thing,again.Things to remember about Content writing.

1) Write only Unique Content,don't copy and paste content from other websites.
2) Don't  get too excited and type in all that comes your mind.Again plan what you are going to write and then  present what you have to tell so you engage the readers.
3) And always know and remember who your readers are.You need not write for the whole world.Know your audition and write content relating directly to them.
4)Keep your website Updated! Consistency is the Key!

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